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** Quality SERVICING **

# FULL (MAJOR) SERVICE.... from £180

# OIL (INTERIM) SERVICE....from £80

# BRAKE FLUID CHANGE....from £30

# GEAR BOX OIL CHANGE....from £40

# DIFF OIL CHANGE....from £30


All the above services are offered here at DJL Motors. Services can comprise of over 50 checks, depending on the service required. All our services come with a competent health check of the vehicle, with summer and winter checks available on request. 

Servicing is such an important requirement of any vehicle, no matter its age or type, regular and correct servicing will maintain your vehicle and its performance.

Most vehicles now will tell you electronically what service it needs and when it needs to be done. Which if you are unsure we can quickly identify on site and recommend what work needs to be carried out. Prices differ depending on the vehicle and its individual needs.

(We are happy to provide tailored quotes upon request)

BMW and Mini drivers can also be assured we can update any electronic service history required for your vehicle, straight through the BMW main frame which we are directly linked into.

All makes and models are welcome here, and will receive the same care and dedicated attention.


Diagnostic testing is used to diagnose a huge range of issues with in any vehicle from transmission, brake, exhaust and battery issues to performance, injector, throttle and air flow problems. With newer technology being applied to cars, more information is stored electronically with in your vehicle.

DJL Motors has new innovative technology which enables us to diagnose problems efficiently and correctly, for a first time fix.

Primarily set up for BMW and Mini means not only can we confidently diagnose issues, and fix appropriately, but we can offer all the latest relevant software updates straight from BMW in Germany to your vehicle. Giving us an edge, is that we are an independent specialist, so can offer these services at affordable prices.

Even if you don't drive a BMW or Mini we still have comprehensive technology to identify and rectify issues, quickly and correctly to ensure every vehicle that comes to us is given the same care attention.



Air conditioning (or air con) controls the ambient temperature of your vehicle, it also conditions the air removing any moisture, working together with the air con filter which traps unwanted bacteria. Over time the gas may deplete, which can compromise the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

F - Gas certified, DJL Motors can provide Air con gas refills (R134A), along with checks to ensure all components of the system are working correctly and efficiently with no leaks or other common issues.



\\ MOT's //

MOT's can be arranged.